First Communion

Your little boy or girls big day! First communion photos have become so popular over the years. All my shoots are taken outside, thankfully the weather is usually on our side but if not we can improvise using umbrellas, shaded forest areas or doorways to keep you sheltered. I also offer golden hour first communion shoots which is taken on a different day from the first communion. These are great sessions as your child can be more free in their photos and your not under pressure with time, obviously we need to have some sun for golden hour shoots but I can be flexible if we need to change the day/evening. A lot of people use first communion shoots as a chance to get a family photograph as everyone is dressed up that day and they make beautiful art for the walls in your home. I try to keep them as relaxed as possible so the kids can enjoy it! The session usually lasts no more than 40 minutes as I know time is of the essence on these days with dinner bookings or family gatherings. I would ask you don't run late as these are busy days for me also and I usually have a few family's booked on the same day.