what is a family lifestyle session?

This is simply where I come to either your home or we choose a location i.e. somewhere which means a lot to you or I can provide different locations i.e. a forest, beach or park. I know some beautiful locations if your stuck for ideas.

How long is each session?

Family sessions at home and on location are roughly about 1 hour long. For newborn babies it may take a bit longer due to feeding and changing.
First communion sessions last between 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of people i.e. we can add in extended family but this will take longer, so remember this especially if you had made dinner reservations!

what do we wear?

Think about what you want to put on your wall, neutral colours work well as they are more timeless but if you want to reflect your family and its colourful and busy then go for that! If it's autumn or winter outside beautiful coats, hats and scarfs work good. Wellies or sandals on beach, whichever you prefer. Dress appropriately for the weather especially the kids and there will be no chattering teeth and blue lips in the photos!

oh god, not my home, I'll be running around cleaning!!

I am a mum too, I know how crazy home life is so please don't let this put you off, I am not there to judge and totally understand family life. A lot of the time I'll use a bedroom, the one with the best light if possible, just put a plain duvet on the bed, this is not an interior design shoot! It's you and your family being together in that present moment which is most important.

do you make us pose loads on our wedding day?

No! I will guide you where to stand to get the best angle but I want to capture you both being yourselves. The more relaxed you are the better it is for you photos. Think of me as your extra to your bridal party that day, no fussing, shouting directions or uncomfortable posing! When you first meet me we can discuss all this and if your a couple who wants to pose then that's great but if not and you want me to be unobtrusive then that's great too. I will be able to read you both on the day and will know what is comfortable for you. After all family and bridal party photos I take you both away for 20 minutes or so, this is where you will feel relaxed and where I get my favourites photos from your day.